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Hotel Industry
We have got rid of the clogged drains using F3, digested our food waste using SW2, got rid of odor using I2 and controlled our STP using I3.

Hospital Waste
I3 is a great product to control the STP. We are 100% satisfied for the recovery of our upset STP.
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What We Do
Our mission is to harness the power of our core BiO Doze for the benefit of mankind and the environment.

We develop and manufacture innovative products that provide superior solutions to unmet needs in Environmental Management, Agri-Business, and Consumer Products.

We invest in scientific research, forming partnerships with leading research institutions around the world to explore and develop a variety of commercial applications for our core technology.

We work with best-in-class channel partners to distribute and sell products in over 30 countries worldwide.

Benefits of using Bio-DozeTM products

1. Reduction of nitrification and/or denitrification tank volume.
2. High BOD removal, Fat oil Grease control and odor control.
3. Lower energy consumption.
4. Lower sludge production, reduction of sludge management.
5. High process stability, high organic removal rate and degrading of complex organics.
6. Ability to respond to even highly fluctuating concentrations.
7. Highly active in extreme ammonia concentration.
8. Suitable for industrial waste water deficit of nutrients by maintaining F/M ratio.
9. Recovery from an upset condition.

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