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Hotel Industry
We have got rid of the clogged drains using F3, digested our food waste using SW2, got rid of odor using I2 and controlled our STP using I3.

Hospital Waste
I3 is a great product to control the STP. We are 100% satisfied for the recovery of our upset STP.
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What is Bio-Doze

This technology involves treating the industrial effluent, using naturally occurring bacteria in soil. Bio-DozeTM is a dry concentrate bacterial formulation, specially designed to improve the treatment process in waste water systems receiving high strength effluent. Each gramme of the product contains up to four billion microbes. There are up to 76 different strains of bacteria in each Bio-DozeTM product, depending upon the formulation type, which can biodegrade very diverse types of molecules. These microbes increase the efficiency of the treatment plants without increasing their capacity.

Principles of Bio-DozeTM action

There are millions of species of bacteria on Earth. Though one may get infections from some bacteria, such harmful bacteria constitute an insignificant part of the bacterial population. In fact, most of the bacteria are beneficial to maintaining the ecology of the Earth. Some species of bacteria are more potent and powerful than others, and are capable of performing specific tasks. The Bio-Doze process utilises the ability of certain bacteria to clean up the environment.

The bacteria is Bio-Doze secrete specific enzymes to degrade specific types of organic compounds. Some of the larger molecules are broken down by the enzymatic action. The breakdown products, when they reach in a simpler form, are used as a food source for cell development by the bacteria. In degradation process, the organic molecules get converted into carbon dioxide gas with the help of oxygen in an aerobic environment, the end product is methane gas. Ultimately the soluble pollutants are converted into insoluble biomass, which can be removed mechanically from the waste stream and send for disposal. Further, some species of bacteria secrete some biopolymers that trap insoluble and colloidal particles and settle them down.

The beneficial microbes in Bio-Doze have been isolated from environment. Microbes have been selectively adapted through a scientific process that develops the bacteria and allows them to degrade tough and toxic compounds, that would normally overwhelm naturally occurring bacteria. There are no genetically modified microorganisms. These microorganisms are not harmful to aquatic or land plants, birds, animals or humans. The Bio-Doze speciality can be released all over the world in to marine and freshwater lakes, ponds, revers, municipal sewers, drains, septic systems and soils, with complete ecological safety.

Bio-DozeTM advantages :

  • Digests difficult compounds that are toxic to naturally occurring bacteria or existing generic bacteria
  • Provide rapid breakdown of difficult-to-degrade substances like surfactants, fats, oils, sulphides, mercaptans, phenols, cresylates, hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds
  • Cultures grow either in the presence or absence of oxygen
  • Bio-DozeTM is the bio-product that can efficiently treat effluent having a high total dissolved solids (TDS) content
  • Low treatment cost; increases efficiency of the treatment plant and saves energy costs. Typically costs a fraction of a paisa to treat a litre of effluent
  • Odour control because of complete biodegradation of organic compounds
  • Generates minimum sludge as most of the waste is converted to carbon dioxide and water
  • Non-corrosive, non-pathogenic and required in very small quantities. This makes it safe and easy to handle to store

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