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Hotel Industry
We have got rid of the clogged drains using F3, digested our food waste using SW2, got rid of odor using I2 and controlled our STP using I3.

Hospital Waste
I3 is a great product to control the STP. We are 100% satisfied for the recovery of our upset STP.
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Bio- Doze Facility Management and Domestic
Specialty No. Action
I1 Odor Control  
I2 Fat Oil Grease Control  
F1 Uric Acid degradation in Urinals  
F2 Septic Tank Additive
F3 Drain Clog Remover
F4 Household Fly Repellent
F5 Cockroach Repellent  
F6 Mosquito Repellent
F7 Snake Repellent
F8 Fire Suppressant / Fire Proofing  
W1 Swimming Pool Cleaner
W1L Swimming Pool Cleaner

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