Bio-Doze are the range of products made of natural ingredients, industrial microbes and enzymes. These are made in leading Biotechnology labs and provide environmental solutions for: Management of industrial waste water and domestic sewage plants (STP's), Solid waste Management, Facility Management, Bioremediation of Water bodies (lakes, ponds, nallahs, ports and harbor), treatment of oil sludge and wastewater in refineries, Solid waste management and soil bioremediation, Handling hazardous waste and management of toxic chemicals, Bio-gas production, toname the few.

Liquid Pollution Control Range I1 to I13
Address the challenge of Liquid Pollution control by using the microbes cultured for specific purpose...
Solid Waste Management use Range SW1 to SW4
Use the specially designed microbes that digest the municipal solid waste..
Bio-remediation Range
W1 to W4
Use natural ingredients with cultured bacteria, fungi and algae to bring back the water bodies to natural state...
Facility Management and Domestic Use range F1 to F8
The enzymes secreted by the microbes present in Facility range are used for urinals, clogged drains, septic tank .....
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Hotel Industry
We have got rid of the clogged drains using F3, digested our food waste using SW2, got rid of odor using I2 and controlled our STP using I3.

Hospital Waste
I3 is a great product to control the STP. We are 100% satisfied for the recovery of our upset STP.
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About Bio Doze
Bio-DozeTM products are the synergetic blend of the pathogenic microbes with bio formulations of biological activators, nontoxic bacteria and micronutrients formulated to breakdown and digest fats, greases, olefins and vegetable oils suspended in wastewater. Bio-DozeTM range of biochemicals are formulated on the original principle of immobilization of pure cultures of microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi) or enzymes in stable porous carriers.

Benefits of using Bio-DozeTM products

1. Reduction of nitrification and/or denitrification tank volume.
2. High BOD removal, Fat oil Grease control and odor control.
3. Lower energy consumption.
4. Lower sludge production, reduction of sludge management.
5. High process stability, high organic removal rate and degrading of complex organics.
6. Ability to respond to even highly fluctuating concentrations.
7. Highly active in extreme ammonia concentration.
8. Suitable for industrial waste water deficit of nutrients by maintaining F/M ratio.
9. Recovery from an upset condition.

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